Bizarre Foods America: Wisconsin Pictures

While in America's dairy land, Andrew Zimmern discovers the science to making milk taste better, as well as lamb organs in a traditional Serbian casserole and emu heart.

Andrew Zimmern poses for a picture in front of drying meat at Black Earth Meats in Black Earth, WI.

The heart of an emu (one of the largest birds in the world, by height) from Valley View Emu Farm in Fennimore, WI.

Andrew on the cut floor at Black Earth Meats.

Andrew throws a lake trout back into Lake Michigan since it is illegal to be kept by sports fishermen.

A Wisconsin tradition, fish-in-the-guts prepared by cooking whole whitefish in its own fat.

Andrew samples a fresh cut of roasted lamb from his Serbian-American hosts.

Demonstrating a traditional Door County fish boil technique, Andrew tosses kerosene on open flames, heating a cast-iron kettle to force a boil over.

Andrew shows off his new fireman's helmet from the Two Rivers Fire Department in Two Rivers, WI.

University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of animal sciences David Combs shows Andrew a preserved cow's stomach.

Andrew removes his arm from the cow's stomach by way of the cannula.

Andrew enjoys a traditional Serbian-American meal with his hosts in Mukwonago, WI.

Sarmica, a casserole-style dish featuring lamb intestines, heart, liver, lungs, spleen, as well as onions and rice, is ready to be eaten at a Serbian-American family gathering.

Andrew tries a chicken-and-lettuce mayonnaise soup prepared by chef Tory Miller at L’Etoile in Madison, WI.

Nam khao tod, a Laotian specialty made of crispy rice with minced sour sausage, cilantro, mint, lime juice and peanuts.

Andrew and chef Tory Miller eat pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup with various cuts of beef and beef stomach at Ha Long Bay in Madison, WI.

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