Bizarre Foods America: Sneak Peek 2013 Pictures

Andrew Zimmern kicks off 2013 by crisscrossing the country from east to west, sampling the best of America in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Iowa, Wisconsin, Alaska, Portland, Denver and more!
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Andrew Zimmern, a seasoned chef, author, TV host and James Beard Foundation Award winner, finds himself in the cornfields of Iowa for the new season of Bizarre Foods America.

Andrew Zimmern digs into an out-of-this-world, delicious chili dog at Ben's Chili Bowl on DC's famous U Street.

Freshly steamed blue crabs caught in the Chesapeake Bay, outside of Baltimore.

Andrew assists in harvesting greens at Common Good City Farm in DC's LeDroit Park.

Hot off the pig spit is an Iowa Swabian Hall (cross-bred in Iowa from a Russian wild boar), cooked to perfection.

Andrew poses with some pigs as they chow down on healthy greens at Rustik Rooster Farm in Waverly, IA.

Braised elk tongue with potato gnocchi courtesy of Lincoln Restaurant chef Jenn Louis in Portland, OR.

Andrew assists on the cut floor at Black Earth Meats in Black Earth, WI.

A Wisconsin tradition: fish-in-the-guts prepared by cooking whole whitefish in their own fat.

Andrew, with sea cucumber (of the Dr. Seuss variety) in Alaska.

The best of both worlds: The mountains create a beautiful backdrop at Sitka Harbor in Alaska.

Chicago’s Next restaurant's "Taste of Thailand" dessert was served in a coconut shell.

Andrew gets a behind-the-scenes tour of Publican Quality Meats' basement butcher shop, which serves all of chef/restaurateur Paul Kahan's famed restaurants around Chicago.

Andrew dives into a tri-plate of buffalo, turkey and bulls' balls (Rocky Mountain oysters) at Bruce's Bar in Severance, CO, outside of Denver.

Fresh meat of a jackrabbit is prepped before grilling in Denver.

Andrew comes face to face with a monkeyface eel at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

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