Bizarre Foods America: Sneak Peek Summer 2013

A new season of Bizarre Foods America is nigh. Get an early look at Andrew's adventures in these sneak peek photos.

Andrew and Bryan Caswell, chef and owner of the Reef restaurant in Houston, search the morning skies of Galveston Bay for duck. It's what's for lunch.

Andrew tailgates Texas style at Reliant Stadium before a Houston Texans game. Meet his new friend -- a slow-roasted steer head.

Off the coast of Miloli’i Beach in Hawaii, Andrew and local Kyle Napeahi scour the rocks for tiny shellfish called opihi and get a taste of fresh helmet urchins.

Daniel Anthony pounds taro for a living. He and Andrew examine the starchy root before it is transformed into Hawaii’s traditional dish, poi.

Vietnamese cuisine is a great gateway for adventurous eating, and Andrew sampled some of the best in St. Louis at Farmhaus.

Grbic Restaurant in St. Louis’ Little Bosnia serves house-made cevapi, minced-beef sausages that are a staple of Bosnian cuisine.

While in Providence, RI, Andrew samples chef Matt Jennings’ grilled mackerel covered in a blanket of miso garlic confit sauce with fresh greens. Jennings is the owner of Farmstead.

Andrew goes fishing for quahogs in Potter Pond, an estuary in Matunuck, RI. The hard clams are on the menu at Matunuck Oyster Bar, owned by chef Perry Raso.

Is it monkfish or meat? The Johnson & Wales culinary program in Providence, RI, has transformed monkfish, once known as a trash fish, into something totally new through hi-tech cooking techniques. Monkfish and strips of ham are bound together with a chemical binding agent to create a new meat that doesn't exist in nature. Andrew tasted it, of course.

Steamed crawfish at Louisiana roadside seafood shack, Casanova's Seafood, in St. Bernard, LA.

Chef John Besh cooks up a mean gumbo for Andrew at one of his many restaurants, La Provence in New Orleans.

The quintessential Alabama plate of BBQ at Miss Myra’s in Vestavia Hills, AL: Hickory-smoked chicken, coleslaw, potato salad and banana pudding for dessert.

At a pig processing plant outside Birmingham, AL, Andrew watches plant worker Brian Sapp remove the liver from the "pluck" of internal pig organs.

Spotted trunkfish, also known as shellfish in St. Croix, caught by Andrew and Captain Thomas Daley. Andrew says the taste is unbelievable!

Spear fishing is very popular on St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands, so Andrew grabs a spear to try his hand at the sport … and catch lunch!

Fresh suckling pig at Muncan Meat Corp. in Queens, NY, waits to be carved up and served fresh to customers.

Andrew and Jason Wang pull traditional-style longevity noodles at Wang’s X'ian Famous Foods in Queens, NY.

Did you know there were cowboys in Compton? Andrew rides with an LA ranching family at Richland Farms before sitting down to a Mexican farm feast.

Too big for this picture (or your mouth): The Whipper Burger at Hawkins House of Burgers in LA is loaded with pastrami, cheese and a butterflied hot link.

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