Bizarre Foods America: Hidden Los Angeles Pictures

Andrew explores hidden LA through its ethnic communities, from a Mexican farm feast to a Cambodian house party.
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Andrew Zimmern tries cuttlefish.

Food journalist Clarissa Wei explains that the bright orange cuttlefish at Sam Woo BBQ in Alhambra, CA, gets its color from food dye.

Andrew Zimmern and roasted duck in LA.

Andrew and Clarissa check out the whole-roasted duck case at Sam Woo BBQ.

Roasted duck at Sam Woo BBQ.

In the Cantonese culture, ducks are often roasted whole to symbolize unity.

Andrew Zimmern eats boiled chicken embryo.

At a Cambodian house party in Long Beach, CA, Andrew gets a closer look at his first chicken balut -- a fertilized chicken embryo that's boiled and eaten from the shell.

A tostada de cueritos at Richland Farms.

A tostada de cueritos -- crispy corn tortilla loaded up with pickled pig skin, cabbage, radish, fresh-made salsa and crema -- is part of the Mexican feast served at Richland Farms in Compton, CA.  

Barbed wire on Richland Farms fence in Compton.

The barbed wire on the fence at Richland Farms is a reminder that this farm isn't in the Midwest; it's in Compton, CA.

Andrew Zimmern rides a horse in Compton, CA.

The "No Parking" sign in the background is for cars, but it probably applies to horses, too.

Fried sea bass

Battered and fried sea bass, ready to be stuffed inside a mouthwatering fish taco.

Andrew Zimmern enjoys a Mexican feast.

Andrew adds a little salsa to finish off the perfect plate during a perfect home-cooked Mexican meal.

Andrew Zimmern and Jordan Kahn at Red Medicine in LA.

Cameras catch the action as chef Jordan Kahn of Red Medicine in LA prepares to juice the stems of wild wood sorrel foraged with Andrew's help. 

Akaushi beef at Red Medicine in LA

Fallen log in the forest or delicious beef entrée? Chef Jordan Kahn garnishes his Akaushi beef dish with freshly foraged flowers and greens.

Hawkins House of Burgers in Watts

There's great food to be found everywhere: Hawkins House of Burgers sits in the shadow of Watts' notorious Nickerson Gardens projects.

Cambodian house party in Long Beach, CA.

Cameras roll on this potluck party, overflowing with authentic Cambodian food. Long Beach, CA, is home to an estimated 70,000 Cambodian immigrants.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

The sun sets over Venice Beach, just hours before the first grunion run of the season. Andrew can't wait to spot his first grunion, a spawning California fish that he also can't wait to taste. 

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