Bizarre Foods: Los Angeles Pictures

Andrew Zimmern pulls back the curtain on the LA food scene. Go behind the scenes with Andrew to get his take on Los Angeles.
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Los Angeles Bee Transfer

Los Angeles bee expert Ruth Askren transfers 30,000 feral bees from an old desk into a Langstroth hive box.

Prepared for 30,000 Feral Bees

Geared up in this fashionable veil, I can get close to a colony of 30,000 feral bees in Los Angeles.

Underwood Ranch

I commandeer a harvester tractor on <a href="" target="_blank">Underwood Ranches</a>’ jalapeno pepper farm outside Los Angeles.

Huy Fong Foods Factory

That's me on a factory tour with <a href="" target=_blank">Huy Fong Foods</a> founder David Tran, the man behind the world-famous Huy Fong sriracha.

Harvested Chilies at Underwood Ranch

From August through November, Underwood Ranches in Southern California harvests nearly 60,000 tons of chilies for Huy Fong Foods.

World-Famous Sriracha Hot Sauce

The main ingredient of Huy Fong Foods' world-famous sriracha hot sauce is grown and harvested just outside Los Angeles.

Live Prawns at Santa Monica Seafood

A live Santa Barbara prawn inside Southern California's premier seafood supplier, <a href="" target=_blank">Santa Monica Seafood</a>.

Fijian Moonfish

That's a Fijian moonfish imported by my pals at Santa Monica Seafood.

Sea Urchin Examination

When I am at Santa Monica Seafood, I like to examine sea urchins … what can I say?

Wolvesmouth's Halibut

Chef Craig Thornton's <a href="" target=_blank">Wolvesmouth</a> tasting menu includes halibut with tarragon-spinach hollandaise, sunchoke, green apple, celtuce and a potato profiterole filled with onion jam.

Whipped Ponzu and Blue Dashi Gelee

Whipped ponzu and blue dashi gelee resemble sea foam flooding over seared albacore with cucumber masago crunch in a dish created by chef Craig Thornton at Wolvesmouth.

Wolvesmouth's Pork Belly

The tasting menu at chef Craig Thornton's Wolvesmouth dining experience includes amazing dishes, such as this pork belly.

Edible Art at Wolvesmouth

Each course at chef Craig Thornton's Wolvesmouth dining experience looks like a work of art.

Koreatown's California Market

Myself and chef Sang Yoon, owner of the famed LA gastropub Father's Office and the restaurant Lukshon, inside Koreatown's California Market.

Swordfish at Santa Monica Seafood

Cleaned and trimmed swordfish at Santa Monica Seafood, ready to be portioned and delivered to Los Angeles restaurants.

Santa Barbara Prawns

Over the past decade, Southern California's premier seafood distributor, Santa Monica Seafood, has seen a spike in demand for Santa Barbara prawns.

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