Bizarre Foods America Sneak Peek Photos

West Virginia, the Twin Cities, New Orleans and Seattle are just a few places Andrew Zimmern visits on Bizarre Foods America. Take a look to see if he's stopping in a city near you.

Andrew Zimmern poses for a picture with Miss Teen West Virginia Roadkill, on the left, and Miss West Virginia Roadkill, on the right.

Andrew stops by several booths to sample food at the West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off.

Andrew enjoys dessert with the Karaali family in Detroit, after the Iftar meal during Ramadan.

Tasty! Andrew samples this whole pig on a grill at Kap's Wholesale meat market in Detroit.

Andrew joins the Thou family for a traditional Cambodian dinner at their home in Lowell, MA.

Andrew has fun fishing for dogfish in Marblehead, MA.

Ying Xiong, the General Manager of Hmongtown Market, Ying Xiong, poses for a photo in St. Paul, MN.

Andrew tries "hotdish-on-a-stick" at the VFW Hotdish Competition in Minneapolis, MN.

Jazz trumpeter Kermit Ruffins whips up something in the kitchen with Andrew, before a jazz gig at Vaughan's Lounge in New Orleans.

An entire alligator is about to be turned into lunch at a backyard cookout in Bayou Pigeon, LA.

Andrew heads out to go octopus fishing in the Atlantic near Beaufort, SC.

All the fixings are on display and ready for a fresh octopus salad at Gault Seafood in Beaufort, SC.

This yummy sushi plate, with kampachi belly, pickled mackerel, and ivory salmon, is served at Maneki Restaurant in Seattle's International District.

Andrew eats a fresh cow placenta at Sea Breeze Farm in Vashon, WA. Feeling a little queasy yet?

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