Bizarre Foods America: New Mexico Pictures

Go behind the scenes with Andrew Zimmern as he travels to Santa Fe and Taos, NM.
Episode: New Mexico

Andrew Zimmern poses next to the freshly skinned hide of the buffalo that he shot.

Salad made of chard, kale and beet greens, heirloom dandelions, chicken coop eggs and figs -- all grown in a sustainable solar house known as an Earthship.

Andrew samples prairie dog with the Pino family in the small community of Zia Pueblo in Sandoval County, NM.

Andrew has breakfast with chef Rocky Durham, a Santa Fe-based food columnist and a professor of culinary arts.

Cutting meat for carnitas ("little meats") at the matanza (traditional meat cookout) in the village of Los Lunas, NM.

Chili ribs simmering in the wok at the matanza in Los Lunas, NM.

Andrew with producer Chris Marino and the prairie dog that he shot with an AR-15 rifle.

Potatoes frying alongside buffalo testicles in Santa Fe, NM.

A sustainable Earthship meal of roasted beets, roasted buttercup squash, tilapia and green salad.

Gutting prairie dogs and stuffing them with cedar leaves before cooking.

Andrew and green architect Mike Reynolds enjoy a meal completely grown in an Earthship.

Three kinds of mole for tasting at Epazote Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM.

Jars of dried and fermented vegetables grown in a sustainable Earthship in Taos, NM.

Freshly fried chicharrons made from small fatty pork pieces at the matanza in Los Lunas, NM.

Andrew on site near the Earthship community in Taos, NM.

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