Bizarre Foods America: Nashville Pictures

Travel with Andrew Zimmern to Nashville to sample the city's most iconic foods, from classics like hot chicken and dry ribs to new fare like grilled Sandhill Crane.
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Andrew Zimmern and pitmaster Pat Martin serve up a whole hog's worth of barbecue at Pat's Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint in Nashville.

Andrew Zimmern is disappointed in the "child's portion" of barbecue he received at Pat Martin's.

Andrew Zimmern, hunter Chris Nischan and game warden C.J. Jaynes wait in a Sandhill Crane blind to shoot, well, crane.

Andrew Zimmern shows off his first bagged Sandhill Crane.

Andrew Zimmern munches on a pigeon foot at The Catbird Seat.

Andrew Zimmern gets a lesson in hand-rolling traditional Kurdish meat-stuffed dumplings with Remziya Suleyman and her family.

Some of the exquisite Kurdish dishes up-close and personal. Can you taste them?

Owner Kahlil Arnold shares the secret to Arnold's success: great food!

Pat Martin does barbecue like no other: whole hog in the pit.

A typical offering at Azadi Kurdish Market.

Andrew Zimmern likes his barbecued pork straight from the pit.

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