Bizarre Foods America: Alaska's Inside Passage

Go behind the scenes as Andrew uncovers a bounty of new flavors, including fresh sea cucumbers, pickled gumboots, smoked hooligan and much more.
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Andrew Zimmern with a sea cucumber of the Dr. Seuss variety.

Black Bear are a common sight at Gunnuk Creek, especially during salmon-spawning season.

Andrew loads up a plate of goodies at a community potluck dinner in Kake.

Andrew is exposed to a little culture in Kake. Here, Andrew goes Tlingit style while dancing with tribe members.

Fresh humpies! The humpback salmon are always fresh at Gunnuk Creek Salmon Hatchery.

Andrew with John Oliva, manager of Gunnuk Creek Hatchery, proudly holding up 2 humpback salmon.

The mountains and water meet for a gorgeous harbor view of Sitka.

Andrew dives into fresh sea urchin.

A close-up picture of a batch of freshly dug stinkheads. Stinkheads are fish heads that have brined in saltwater for a week on the beach.

A close-up picture of fresh abalone and gumboot harvested near Sitka.

What could be better than an Alaskan reindeer hotdog at the Farmers Market in Sitka.

Fresh seal meat is on the menu in Kake.

What gorgeous tentacles! Andrew holds up a fresh octopus captured in the waters near Sitka.

Andrew enjoys the surroundings at Sitka Harbor.

Morning mist creates a postcard picture in the mountains of Sitka.

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