Bizarre Foods America: Alaskan Wilderness Pictures

Andrew Zimmern heads into the remote area of Chistochina in Alaska’s Copper River Valley, where he visits with the Athabascan people for good old-fashioned hunting and cooking.
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Andrew Zimmern and Athabascan tribe elder Lena Charley wait for the open-fire moose head soup to cook.

Andrew looks on as one of the Athabascan tribesmen deftly slices up a moose nose.

Smoked Alaskan salmon is the next item on the menu at the Athabascan feed.

Athabascan men, women and children come together to celebrate their culture with a traditional Athabascan song and meal.

One of the many simple yet beautiful storehouses on Lena Charley's sunlit land.

Drying and preserving meat is an essential and common way of keeping the remote Athabascan tribe sustained through the winter.

Andrew Zimmern samples Agnes Denny's delicious smoked Alaskan salmon strips.

Evelyn and her sled dogs take Andrew Zimmern for a training run.

Andrew Zimmern puts his gun aside for this hunt to sample fresh cranberries.

A successful hunt comes to a close with the plucking and cooking of the local spruce chicken.

Andrew Zimmern shows off his hard-earned spoils after trekking through a waist-high river with nothing but a spear.

Alaska's Chistochina surrounded by Wrangell and Chugach mountain ranges provide a breathtaking backdrop for this episode.

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