Bizarre Foods America: Lima Pictures

Andrew Zimmern travels south to Lima, Peru, to sample frog shakes, giant squid and more!
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Andrew Zimmern among produce in Lima

Andrew Zimmern and chef Gaston Acurio stand in a "sea" of fresh produce at Surquillo Market in Lima, Peru.

Andrew Zimmern at Surquillo Market

Andrew checks out some grub at Surquillo Market.

Crabs in Lima

Fresh crabs on sale at Terminal Pesquero Fish Market in Lima.

Giant Diablo (Devil Fish)

A giant diablo (devil fish) awaits Andrew at chef Gaston Acurio's La Mar Cebecheria in Lima.

Giant Squid in Lima

Andrew checks out a local vendor's giant squid and octopus selection at Terminal Pesquero Fish Market.

Andrew Zimmern Looks at a Giant Amazon River Snail

Andrew and chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino gaze fondly at a giant Amazon river snail.

River Snail Dish

Andrew taste chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino's Amazon River snail dish. The snail is chopped up and served in its own shell with tapioca and turmeric.

Dead Cuy (Guinea Pig)

Peruvian specialty cuy (guinea pig) is prepared at Chifa Ton Kin Sen in Lima's Chinatown.

Andrew Zimmern at La Parada Market

Andrew samples some of the local fare at La Parada Market.

Andrew Zimmern with Chef Javier Wong

Andrew prepares sole ceviche with legendary chef Javier Wong.

Andrew Zimmern in a Kitchen in Lima

Andrew admires legendary chef Javier Wong's wok skills.

Andrew Zimmern with Octopus on His Hands

The Pucusana octopus is known to be a stage 5 clinger.

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