Toy Hunter: West Coast Wonders Pictures

Jordan heads to LA to meet 2 bigwigs who send him out to hunt for a "big ticket" item. Jordan also receives help from a very special co-star, Making Monster’s Jordu Schell.
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"I check out on my all time favorite vintage toys. The 12" Vintage Han Solo still remains in my personal collection."

"Now THIS IS A STATEMENT! A giant sized HULK greets me in the home foyer of one collector. Without a doubt, one of the most impressive homes I have been in during the shooting. Packed to the ceiling with great collectibles and pop culture."

"I check out a great vintage MEGO Thor doll with friend and fellow collector Mark. Of all the toy lines over the past 20 years, MEGOS remains one of my all time favorites."

"Behind the scenes with Jordu Schell from Travel Channel's "Making Monsters." Jordu is a talented professional with an impressive collection of his own!"

"He-Man comic books are great, but I'm more impressed with what's hiding in the box behind me!"

"Checking out Jordu's Studio."

"Jordu Schell had one of the most eclectic collections of bugs and masks I have ever seen. Inspiration for his creations? Possibly? Incredibly cool? Absolutely!"

"Let's see Jordan, here's the action figures, the posters... oh, and over here I have a life-sized Wonder Woman costume!"

"Jordu treats me to a tour of his conference room, complete with collection of original maquettes."

"Little do people know... I sometimes call upon my X-Ray vision goggles to find toys."

"Yup - that's me searching. Hard to tell by the photo, but I was 20 feet in the air at the time."

"Between takes filming a scene. I check out some cool costumes from the original Power Rangers series with Mark."

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