Bizarre Foods America: West Virginia Pictures

View pictures of Andrew Zimmern's trip to West Virginia, including photos from a hootenanny and roadkill cook-off.
Episode: West Virginia

Andrew and hunter Craig Ellis pose for a picture after deer hunting near Gay, WV.

Andrew holds up roasted venison prepared from a deer he shot while hunting near Gay, WV.

Deer kidneys skewered with herbs on the grill.

This is how you know you’ve arrived at the infamous West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off. Andrew helps judge the entries at the annual cook-off in Marlinton, WV.

The word at the West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off is that crawfish is the "hillbilly lobster."

Andrew takes a picture with Miss West Virginia Roadkill and Miss Teen West Virginia Roadkill.

Andrew’s fans are everywhere. He meets one of his young fans at the West Virginia Roadkill Cook-Off.

We’re not really sure what in it, but this is deer poop soup, served at the cook-off.

After groundhog hunting, Andrew Zimmern and hunter Glen Hawkins show off their kill.

Take a look at this tasty dish --groundhog and venison burgoo with polenta.

Andrew shares a meal that includes groundhog burgoo and groundhog cacciatore at Fish Hawk Acres Farm in Rock Cave, WV.

Andrew Zimmern tastes pickled ramps at a hootenanny potluck dinner in Frasier’s Bottom, WV.

Andrew prepares to shoot a squirrel in a tree during his squirrel hunting trip with Larry Nibert near Fayettville, WV.

It’s time for a rafting trip. Andrew gets ready to go rafting down West Virginia’s Gauley River.

Andrew Zimmern poses for a photo with the Greenbrier River in Marlinton, WV, as his picturesque backdrop.

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